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    We are the Number 1 Expat Internet supplier here in Italy

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    For your home

    We understand that Internet is vital for the Expat in Italy and we offer a very personal experience.


    We can provide not just the best Internet, but also a full network solution for your property, Voip and even an English TV solution, with all the UK TV channels.


    Our service provides up to 50Mbps download and 10mbps upload (some 20 x faster than many Italian Internet isp)


    You can rent or buy the equipment and if you are a seasonal visitor, turn off the Internet for the time that you are not in residence and save money!


    We quote, fit (or you can save money by self fitting) and we give the very best pre and post sales client service, including technical support.


    If you need a full network solution including multiple access points, wifi and extended coverage - we will be pleased to quote.


    If you need a solution to control and even make profit from your rental guests, we have a complete holiday Let solution.


    We are local and speak English (of course) and Italian!




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    For your Event

    We have unique expertise here in Italy of providing Internet for large gatherings, such as concerts, events or even Film location.


    We provided the location Internet for the Marvel film "Age of Ultron" project in the Val D'Aosta valley and have systems used in various other sporting events such as F1 and MotoGP.


    Large crowds, can cause the local Italian Internet to under perform - with our fully portable equipment, we have the solution!


    So if you are a Film company, we have the expertise you need to deliver internet to your crew, if you are a race event organiser, we can deliver Internet to your participating teams




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    Emergency Services

    We provided communications and Internet to the Italian Red Cross, Rescue teams and survivors of the Amatrice Earth Quake Disaster.


    If they trust us so can you!

    We delivered and set up four systems in the town centre, food distribution depot, Red Cross and ANPAS camps for the benefit of all.


    Our expertise enabled everyone to talk to and email their loved ones around the world, when all other communications had broken down!


    If you have an emergency - we can help!



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    For your Business Internet

    You may have a business in Italy, or you may want to run your UK business from Italy!


    Internet in Italy via adsl has relatively poor performance and low upload speeds, with Tooway, we can supply low contended packages with speeds of up to 6Mbps Upload.


    We have complete high performance solutions for every business need and special packages for the hotel, holiday rental and tourism markets where control and billing of guest data is very important, whilst offering a superb Internet experience.


    Data collection in remote locations is one of our major areas of expertise, ideal for solar farms and eco electric generation projects.


    We even regularly provide Internet for companies providing Internet to the local super-yacht industry!



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