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    Amatrice Instant response

    Help when its needed

    We were asked to provide Internet coverage for the relief workers and the survivors of the terrible Amatrice Earthquake disaster, we provided four systems serving upwards of 1000 people - free of charge.


    We deployed in Amatrice town centre, Red Cross command centre, Aid distribution centre and the ANPAS camp. 

    Future rapid disaster deployment Involvement

    A secure Future

    It became apparent with the Amatrice disaster that Internet provision is one of the cornerstones of the relief effort in the modern age. It provides an early lifeline for the victims and aid workers to the outside world,ensuring that their voice is heard and that loved ones are kept up to date.

    We will be at the core of future Italian deployments

    Working in unison with other Aid Agencies

    Co operation

    Amatrice was a lesson in how all the different agencies work together to produce a cohesive result.

    The Red Cross was the lead agency, along with Civil Protection, ANPAS, Police, Carabinieri, Firemen, Army, Navy, Forestale and even the Coastguard agency, all working living and sleeping as one unit

    The Destruction

    Terrible Damage

    The power of the Earthquake is terrifiying! The damage was not uniform over a large area, it was very local and unfortunately the worst effects were actually in Amatrice.

    It was as though a bomb had scored a direct hit on the town centre

    The People

    What counts!

    With 282 fatalities out of a town of 2500 souls, nearly every household had lost at least one member of family. This is a cosmopolitan town, not far from Rome, people had relatives all over the world and they were living in a strange place, no money, no luxuries, no phone service - that is why we did our job!

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