• Unlimited Internet - From 29.99 Euro/ £24.99 a Month


    Choose your speed and package

    Bronze: 16 Mbps download /3Mbps upload, Unlimited 29.99 euro / month

    Silver: 30/6 Mbps, Unlimited 39.99 euro / month

    Gold: 50/10 Mbps, Unlimited 69.99 euro / month

    Existing clients can remain with the existing Konnect package if preferred or join the new unlimited plan on Bronze (1 month rolling contract, or Silver and Gold (1 year contract)


    Contract Duration New Clients

    New Clients with purchased or rental equipment: 1 Year on Gold and Silver, Bronze: 1 month rolling contract








    Premium Plan 30/6 Mbps Unlimited from 53.99 euro/ month

    Our Most popular plan

    Excellent for streaming video, fast, upload and download speeds.

    Unlimited Data.

    euro / month - 2 year contract (1 year if you own the equipment)

    46.99 euro / month with Italserve home support - full home network support

    59.99 euro / month with Italserve Holiday Home management program


    Business Internet

    Reliable Fast Internet for your business!


    Any place, anywhere in Italy, the fast internet that your business deserves!

    Business Outage protection, Voip and Networking


    Event Internet - for your visitors

    Mobile Event Internet, if you are running a concert, Fiesta or any event, we can deliver the Internet - set up in minutes!

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