• Holiday Pro Service

    We offer a complete service


    Plans and monthly costs that flex to your need

    Your Internet requirement will change through the year, low in the winter, medium in the spring and Autumn and High in the summer peak months. We can supply internet speeds that vary as well form 50 Mbps in the summer to 14 Mbps in the winter - saving you money.


    We can also instal a wifi system configured exactly to your needs, perhaps you would like to offer a basic service to guests for email and surfing, but offer a premium extra cost service for streaming video and perhaps watching Tv.


    We can install a wifi service that can control every aspect and can even be controlled remotely - perhaps from your home in Europe or America.


    What happens when it all goes wrong?

    We can make sure that when your wifi drops or becomes unstable that your service resets and restarts automatically to the last good point. If this fails, an alarm is created and we will fix the issue remotely.

    We take the strain



    For the actual Internet data service - there is no added cost to our basic Unlimited plans, The cost is exactly as per our price plan.


    Wifi Network monitoring and repair

    The cost is 25 euro per month / per access point covered under the plan. Each access point can be set up and monitored separately.


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