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Struggling with slow Internet in Italy?

Are you struggling with slow Internet? 
When you call your Internet provider, do they give good customer service?

It is quite true that no provider here in Italy will give you always a perfect Internet service, there are sometimes just too many variables, but if you start with a Fast service (Tooway is up to 22 Mbps download and 6Mbps upload) and also receive a very reliable signal (does not stop in the middle of booking your flight tickets), then you may have a good or even great Internet experience.

However, what about service, what happens when you are hit by floods, high winds or falling trees (I have had all three)! Or even your when your Wifi does not want to talk to the outside world? Then you need an Internet company that pulls out all the stops to get you back on line again!

If you use Europasat here in Italy (we are based near Lucca), we care about our customers and when you add the reliability of the Tooway Internet service, you will soon agree that we are the best and most reliable solution to your Internet requirements.

Our Internet runs fast, reliably, everywhere, no need for a telephone line. We have different services for home and business and we are nice people to deal with (as our customers will tell you)!

Email or call me on 3665200656 to discuss your requirement.

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