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Sending Photo and Video - in Italy via the Internet

The need for speed

Because the Italian Internet is so challenged - speed wise, the suppliers tend to allocate much more speed to the download, rather than the upload, otherwise probably both would be unacceptable. This allows perhaps the download to run acceptably, but at the cost of a very poor upload experience.

This did not use to be a major problem, but times change!

Five years ago social media such as Facebook, was in its infancy, WhatsApp had not been invented, Skype was used by few etc, but now many people use these - especially on holiday, and all make extensive use of uploading!

If you own a Guest house or holiday rental, you may find that clients may still need to work from your location, have you thought about how that valued guest may need to send a big work file?  Again upload speed is key!

So typically, the current Italian upload speed of 312Kbps produces a very poor experience and if you have a number of guests, all trying to use the Internet in this way, at the same time - it just won't work!

The answer is to use satellite internet that runs at 6 Mbps on the upload - some 18 times faster than typical Internet.

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