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Rapid Deployment team

Delivering high speed data, voice and fax coupled with our Rapid Deployment Service mean we are the leading provider of event and emergency replacement communications when the fixed line infrastructure can’t deliver.

Europasat provides a full range of its satellite communications systems for short or long term hire. We can create a wired or wireless network of any size, just about anywhere.

Typical deployments include:-

Short term sites like sporting or corporate events, exhibitions and conferences
Disaster recovery, replacing your terrestrial internet connection when it lets you down
Broadcasting or web streaming uplinks
New buildings or green field sites waiting for fixed line links to be installed
Companies locating to new offices that don’t have the required communications capability
Mobile solutions that are free to move with promotional or site office trailers
Europasat also provides a full range of support services for temporary internet at remote sites including power and engineer support for the duration of events, and operating managed wireless hotspots for events.

Europasat’s experience in delivering tailored turn key internet solutions and our commitment to deliver despite very short notice periods, mean that whatever your urgent hire need, we are the only company to talk to.

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