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Italian Internet - Fast and slow, sometimes both at the same time - the solution!

Italy has suffered from under investment in the infra structure needed to provide good, reliable Internet, especially for the home. The roll out of Fibre Optic is slow and even where it is provided, not as fast as a similar service in many other European countries.

ADSL is reasonable at providing a service (as long as you are in a major town) or near the local exchange, but if you live in a more rural situation, your speeds will be slow and the service unreliable.

Radio, Wifi can be reasonable when first installed, but inherently have too many people sharing too small a service, as the local system fills with clients the speeds slow down to unacceptable levels.

The answer is Satellite Internet, it works almost anywhere, gives fast download and upload speeds (currently up to 22 Mbps down and 6 Mbps upload) and is very reliable, we have a choice of three providers and speeds of 50 Mbps are coming very soon!

Even better, it doesnt need a phone line, just a satellite dish and modem, so if you live in a remote location, you can still have super fast broadband

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