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Internet for Tourism

Do you own a small guest house or rental home in Italy - Internet is important!

Fast Internet is second only to a swimming pool for the average tourist and of course the tourists want to rent in rural tuscany, where the Internet is frankly - rubbish!

Even worse the demand for fast internet has grown exponentially over the last three years with the rise of the mobile devices such as Smart phones and iPads.

There is an answer to the problem and you need:

1. Internet speed

2. Internet data

3. Internet / wifi control

Internet speed and the volume of data is supplied by your provider, many providers are just not up to providing either speed or data volumes required - however they may be "cheap", but cheap is not a lot of good, if in reality the service is very, very poor.

The answer is to find a fast enough solution (such as satellite internet) and then control the system, via the "on the property" wifi network. If you do not have a big enough pool of speed and data, then of course you will always have a substandard Internet experience.

How much data and speed do you need?

Well this would depend on the number of guests, ideally in excess of 20 Mbps on download and 3mbps upload may give enough, but the more people using it at the same time, the more you need and children are normally quite high data users, unfortunately, if you only have a small data speed allowance i.e. 5 Mbps, if you share that amongst 5 users each one would have less than 1 mbps and much, much less after 4pm in the afternoon when the Internet comes to a local standstill !

The best approach is to give two levels of service - basic, for emails and surfing, but with limited ability to stream Youtube and other TV / music services and a Premium service, that has the ability to send and receive larger files and stream, perhaps at a premium price.

This can achieved with satellite internet (where ever you live) together with a decent quality and well set up wifi network.

Email me to find out how.

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