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    Expats Need More

    than Just Internet!


    Yes - Fast Internet that works anywhere in Italy


    Yes - Unlimited Data


    Yes - Optional Wifi Network Unlimited support - we keep you running 24/7


    Yes - English Speaking / Italy based (Lucca)


    Yes - UK Tv solution


    Yes - Holiday Home Internet Management

    Premium Platinum Service - Total solution.


    We are the professionals - over 115,000 clients in Europe and have been in Italy for over 10 years

  • Home Internet in Italy

    Up to 50 Mbps download - 10Mbps upload anywhere!

    No need for a Telephone line, stream TV, Voip anywhere, on top of a mountain or in a valley, location is not a problem!

    Internet for Holiday Home Rentals

    Fast Internet with total control!

    Guests now demand ever more Internet - control and charging for the service is a key part of holiday letting.

    We can supply a turnkey solution that earns you extra revenue.

    Business Internet

    Reliable Fast Internet for your business!


    Any place, anywhere in Italy, the fast internet that your business deserves!

    Business Outage protection, Voip and Networking


    Event Internet - for your visitors

    Mobile Event Internet, if you are running a concert, Fiesta or any event, we can deliver the Internet - set up in minutes!

  • Europasat - Unlimited Flexible Internet

    Internet the way you want it!

    Tooway Big Blu Unlimited contract


    The new Big Blu series has a speed of up to 50 Mbps download and 10Mbps Upload

    • Now we can offer unlimited data, not constrained by monthly data amounts,
    • Please email richard@europasat.com for latest prices and installation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Beam and availability for Tooway

    Standard service is available everywhere within Italy!


    • Does Tooway Konnect  replace my existing package?
    • Answer: Yes t can do, but if an existing client you can still opt to continue with your existing Konnect package, the unlimited is a different product with different characteristics.
    • How fast is the new packages compared to Tooway Konnect packages?
    • Answer: We have three packages, with three speed options (up to) speeds 50Mbps down/10 up  - this compares to the standard package Tooway speeds of 15 Mbps down and 3up
    • Can I use my existing gear with the new packages?
    • Answer: Any Tooway KA gear can be used with the new Bronze package, but with the higher speed Silver and Gold package you will need  a new (SB2+)  modem to get the limits of the very fastest speeds.
    • As an exiting user can I change to the new packages? 
    • Answer: yes, but you may need to give your standard 1 month notice from your existing contract, rejoining or new clients can join as a new contract
    • Is there a daily "unmetered" period 
    • Answer: yes between 1am and 5am - ideal for scheduling upgrades etc.
    • Is the new unlimited product available everywhere?
    • Answer:  Yes
    • Does unlimied cost less than a standard package
    • Answer in many cases yes, sometimes considerably less.
    • Is 15 Mbps download good enough to stream TV and films?
    • Answer: Yes, you only need 1.5 Mbps for standard definition films and around 4 Mbps for HD
    • How  and why is it good for holiday homes?
    • Answer: It is extremely flexible, you can move from data package to data package and speed as often as you like (minimum 1 month), if you own your own equipment, you can even close down the system in the winter and save money (Bronze only). Typical use may be, turn on the system in April and then close the system in October - saving any Internet bills in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and March, but it is up to you!
    • Can I run multiple devices on the system?
    • Answer: Yes of course, ipads, phones, computers, IPTV can all be run through your wifi router - subject to data! 
    • Can I watch UK Tv using the system?
    • Answer: Yes, all of our systems have a UK iP address, so the various iplayers can be used, but we also recommend the IPTV box from uktv4italia which streams all UK TV at a relatively low data rate
    • Can I make Voip calls with the system?
    • Answer: Yes by using a suitable service such as Sonetel
    • Does the system have a Fair Access Policy
    • Answer: In common with almost all ISP, after a guaranteed data, speeds may very depending on Internet loading
    • How long does the contract run, what am I tied into?
    • Answer: 2 years for rental clients, 1 year for silver and Gold clients who own their equipment and 1 month for Bronze users who own their own gear. 
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